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autocorrelation / автокорреляция
  • autocorrelation function - автокорреляционная функция
имя существительное
correlation between the elements of a series and others from the same series separated from them by a given interval.
The statistical autocorrelation of the time series give values between + 1 and - 1.
By means of a time autocorrelation , dynamic information contained in the intensity fluctuations can be realized.
The time series nature of the data set suggests that autocorrelation could be a problem.
None of our data series showed significant autocorrelation, and absence of autocorrelation was significant in 13 out of the 26 considered cases.
The autocorrelation of the periodogram is then computed; any periodicity of the stepping is revealed as a peak at each recurrence of the frequency of the periodicities.
The statistical autocorrelation of the time series give values between + 1 and - 1.
In contrast, the off-diagonal elements, representing autocorrelation across equations, are generally negative, although small in value.
We adjusted the degrees of freedom for tests of significance of correlation coefficients for temporal autocorrelation , ensuring that the adjusted degrees of freedom was equal to the actual sample size.
Because the data analyzed in Table 2 represent a pooled cross-sectional time series we tested for the presence of autocorrelation .
Such a series of treatment successes would conform to a white noise pattern, with no significant autocorrelation in a time series analysis.
Fig.2 shows the results of an autocorrelation performed on an image with the crack pattern.