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autochthonous / коренной
имя прилагательное
root, radical, fundamental, aboriginal, drastic, autochthonous
имя прилагательное
(of an inhabitant of a place) indigenous rather than descended from migrants or colonists.
However, on his creative path around the north of the island he discovered several autochthonous beings already in residence.
It is, however, appropriate to conclude from this evidence that the maternal lineages of the present-day Indian populations are largely autochthonous , that is, unique to India, and very, very old.
It now seems likely that the Canaanites were autochthonous - that they grew from the soil of Canaan.
As a result, transgenic and wild salmon could be in direct competition for food and mates, and it's likely the autochthonous species would die out.
Being thrust onto the autochthonous Central Carpathian Basin, its original basement is unknown.
Whereas the Church in Brazil has had some awareness of this situation, it has been unable to experiment at the national level with autochthonous and creative forms of cultural expressions in liturgical life.
There was a proliferation of postgraduate research and publication on Australian topics, filling in the details of an increasingly autochthonous national history and channelling into increasingly specialised fields.
Such tectonic ironstones separate different lithostratigraphic units commonly regarded as autochthonous rock sequences.
This organic debris is considered the original source for some chemical cave minerals but is also associated with the generation of autochthonous clastic sediments.
According to Mylonas, extinction of autochthonous species caused by the introduced species is unusual in terrestrial mollusks.
Although, he was actually autochthonous to Brooklyn, not California.