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authorship / авторство, писательство
имя существительное
authorship, paternity
имя существительное
the fact or position of someone's having written a book or other written work.
an investigation into the authorship of the Gospels
Few of them will claim that their work has any lasting significance, but they are nonetheless experiencing the thrill of authorship .
Double Writing is a highly readable contribution to the study of authorship .
joint authorship
he took to authorship
Writing gives you more of a sense of authorship and that is interesting, but lately, what I've been drawn to, is working with directors from whom I can learn a lot.
an investigation into the authorship of the Gospels
Such an emphasis on authorship is, by and large, a way to train young designers as thinkers - and not merely as service providers.
But Nagrin brings more than longevity and experience to his authorship .