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authoring / авторинга
авторская разработка
имя существительное
the creation of programs and databases for computer applications such as computer-assisted learning or multimedia products.
an authoring system
be the author of (a book or piece of writing).
she has authored several articles on wildlife
The lightest models may not have all the bells and whistles, but they will usually serve for short trips unless you do serious multimedia authoring while on the road.
an authoring system
The program reduces all your authoring efforts to three simple clicks, and when the DVD is ready, you just have to put it into the player.
an authoring system
This is based on a professional music authoring package.
Aside from that, there is also lots of authoring software available these days.
Certainly if you need the added performance - for example, you're doing fairly serious multimedia content authoring - then the added price may be worth the added productivity gain.
Traditionally, DVD authoring has been an expensive affair.
DVD burners are rapidly becoming cost-effective tools for authoring DVD video discs, backing up files and as CD burners to boot.
Some website authoring software packages only allow you to entire plain, unformatted text.