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authoress / писательница
имя существительное
имя существительное
a female author.
We use author and poet rather than authoress and poetess, but until fairly recently it was permissible to distinguish persons who act by gender.
She first read out a letter which the authoress had written to her husband in 1943.
Yes this is the authoress speaking, and yes I have a purpose for doing so.
It appears to me perfectly clear that she was not the authoress of the letters which were produced to the court.
After three and four wretched months of writers block, the authoress extraordinare returns!
I know this is the first authoress ' note so far in the story.
The blame for this, I am afraid, must fall fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the authoress and director of the piece, and I am disappointed that the pleasure I had anticipated from what I had read of the play was denied me.
For an authoress such as myself, reviews make the world go round.
Alexis seems to be modeled after me, the authoress .
She was a well-known authoress , and (under a pseudonym) had written a series on a girl who lived on a farm and had horses.
Thank you for your interest in our young authoress and her book.