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authenticate / удостоверять, устанавливать подлинность
certify, verify, attest, authenticate, prove, certificate
устанавливать подлинность
prove or show (something, especially a claim or an artistic work) to be true or genuine.
they were invited to authenticate artifacts from the Italian Renaissance
they were invited to authenticate artifacts from the Italian Renaissance
For instance, the application might require users to authenticate using web-based forms.
In order to access the functions with your browser, you must first authenticate with a user name and password.
The global internet browsing policy dictates that everyone must authenticate with user credentials prior to gaining access to the internet.
Web Users: members can authenticate with a proxy server to access the Web.
He then proceeds to enroll and authenticate to the secure e-mail service.
The teenagers also asked relatives to send them school and birth certificates to authenticate their nationality.
Membership is free, however, in order to authenticate your enrollment please confirm your account details below
The lawyer says his client has started compiling documents that he says will authenticate her life story as she tells it in the book.
However there is no need to authenticate to perform this attack, only access to the web server is required.