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authentic / подлинный, аутентичный, достоверный
имя прилагательное
authentic, genuine, true, original, honest, actual
reliable, authentic, positive, veracious, straight
имя прилагательное
of undisputed origin; genuine.
the letter is now accepted as an authentic document
(of a church mode) comprising the notes lying between the principal note or final and the note an octave higher.
We sat on the side of the road, contemplating the fact that we were about to have a much more authentic Cambodian experience then any of us had planned.
His wide vibrato had an authentic Russian sound.
It is this deeper problem which lies at the heart of the breakdown of marriage and family, or of any authentic human, loving relationship.
You got a sense that there was one person taking the heat, being accountable, being authoritative and being authentic .
The crowd then made their way back to the High Cross Inn where they celebrated St Patrick s Day with traditional music including authentic bag pipe playing.
Earlier an unnamed assistant editor had emphasised ‘the need for publishing absolutely accurate and authentic information’.
What lacked so far is an authentic compilation of facts about this treasure trove of nature.
These hotels and restaurants did all they could to recreate all that is authentic in traditional Kerala cuisine.
He had provided an authentic and authoritative history of the competition.
Now he's presenting this series, being seen, as an African, as a more authentic and authoritative voice.