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auteur / кинорежиссёр
film director
имя существительное
a filmmaker whose personal influence and artistic control over a movie are so great that the filmmaker is regarded as the author of the movie.
The creative force behind the film wasn't an auteur , a cinematic genius.
And for the first time in long while, opening night featured a superior film by a major auteur .
He is an auteur who believes that great films should show us things we have never seen before.
In fact, the film is one of the greatest masterworks of perhaps the greatest film auteur of the 20th century.
The auteur 's true genius lies in his ability to combine high art with popular culture.
He is certainly more of an auteur than many directors who undeservedly receive that label.
The creative force behind the film wasn't an auteur , a cinematic genius.
In recent years the concept of the auteur , as the main creative force behind a film, has been discouraged in Australia.
As the celebrated auteur of some 40 original video works, he achieved a rare unanimous vote of critical approval.
The director is seen as the auteur - irrespective of whether or not he wrote the screenplay.
There's a good reason for this ruthlessness, of course, because in their hearts directors know that true auteurs must write their own material.