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aureole / ореол, венчик, нимб
имя существительное
halo, aureole, nimbus, halation, glory, aureola
corolla, aureole, halo, corona, coronet, aureola
nimbus, halo, glory, aureole, gloria, gloriole
A thermal metamorphic aureole is developed in the sedimentary country rocks.
There is abundant evidence for a significant and important influence of hydrothermal fluids on element mobility in the aureole .
This is the widest metamorphic zone in the aureole .
This clearly has major implications for the thermal history of the aureole .
The prominently depicted hen and rooster form the brightest spot in the foreground, as they are encircled by an aureole of light.
Einstein's wild hair is not the mad scientist's coiffure but a secular aureole , bespeaking his superhuman intelligence and wisdom.
We also observe very fine rims of apparent new zircon of enigmatic origin at lower grade in the aureole .
Doing so can compromise blood flow to the nipple and lead to complications, such as necrosis of the skin along the incisions or nipple or aureole necrosis.
These have a narrow metamorphic aureole in which andalusite is developed.
her hair framed her face in a golden aureole