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aura / аура, атмосфера, дуновение
имя существительное
atmosphere, ambience, air, ambiance, climate, aura
blow, breath, whiff, waft, aura, puff
имя существительное
the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.
the ceremony retains an aura of mystery
Migraine with or without aura is the most common form of acute-recurrent headache in children.
It is a ‘hands off’ healing modality that teaches people how to scan the aura or the energy field that surrounds the physical body.
These agents may be particularly effective in the patient who has prolonged or atypical migraine aura .
The aura is a symptom that usually occurs before the onset of the pain itself.
No evidence supports their use during the aura phase of an attack.
Sometimes there is a warning of the attack called an aura perhaps an unpleasant odor or spots before the eyes.
Much of Mumbai is polluted, overcrowded and frenetic, yet the city has an aura of magic and irrepressible hope.
Psychiatric classifications have an aura of scientific certitude about them that is not really justified.
In most cases there is no aura stage; the attack starts with the headache.
Historical sites of revolutions are often imbued with an aura of romantic mystique.