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auntie / тетушка
имя существительное
He then rang his aunties , an uncle and his grandad who came to the rescue.
There to encourage him were all his aunties and their respective partners, his extended family and his little brother Ben, who were all so proud of his radio debut.
He regrets this, but insists, ‘I didn't come from a close family and I never felt any particular irrational impulse to be nice to old aunties .’
‘Most of my uncles, aunties and friends were musicians, songwriters in their own right or heavily into music,’ he explains.
We have tried to make it like a visit to an aunty 's for them, giving them a glass of orange and a biscuit and then playing with them.
He'd been neglected by his mother and brought up by his aunty .
Tonight after work I am picking up my aunty from the airport.
Grandma, grandad, uncles, aunties and all the cousins are now tagging along too.
I come from a large family stacked with women, consisting of four sisters and twelve aunties , who have taught me how to survive in a totalitarian world in order to survive in any world.
However, when the big day arrives, what can you do if your presents aren't perfect or you don't like that jumper your aunty bought you?