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augury / предзнаменование, гадание, предсказание
имя существительное
omen, portent, sign, augury, presage, prognostic
divination, fortune-telling, augury, sortilege
prediction, divination, forecast, oracle, prognostication, augury
имя существительное
a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen.
they heard the sound as an augury of death
She was thrice widowed, and she claimed to possess the gift of augury .
they heard the sound as an augury of death
As Hamlet remarked, ‘We defy augury … The readiness is all’.
they heard the sound as an augury of death
Meteorologists have responded by transforming daily weather prediction from an augury into a reliable source of important information - a splendid achievement that nearly everyone takes for granted.
In a general sense it is an unfortunate omen which is sometimes taken as an augury of death.
Amid the carnage and death, that unity is one augury of hope.
Short of slaughtering a wild animal and rummaging about in its entrails, every sign, portent and augury had been examined beforehand.
And by the way, Ganesha is an icon of good augury in almost all Asian countries.
A brace of dead geese, embodying the classical Roman method of augury , act as an image of mortality.