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augmentation / увеличение, прирост, приращение
имя существительное
increase, magnification, enlargement, growth, rise, augmentation
growth, increase, gain, increment, accretion, augmentation
increment, augmentation, accretion, augment, adhesion
имя существительное
the action or process of making or becoming greater in size or amount.
the augmentation of the curriculum with new subjects
Since the 1960s it has been possible to perform soft tissue augmentation with a diversity of products.
The augmentation in diameter is what allows for increases in blood flow to your skeletal muscle.
His interest in counterpoint is shown in a set of 120 canons, which use such techniques as augmentation , diminution, and retrograde motion.
A number of clients come for ear corrections and eye lid surgery, while augmentation is also popular.
The breast augmentation was successful, and she says she feels much younger.
After a long crescendo, the theme appears on the whole orchestra, fortissimo, in an augmentation , and gives way to a sort of Dance before the Ark.
Still in place as well are my customary rhythms, based on added note values, on augmentation , on the absence of measured bars, offering a very simple but completely unconventional use of note-values and duration.
With expenditure likely to increase further, revenue augmentation may become a necessity to facilitate higher development expenditure.
The augmentation will be gradual and steady in order to avoid inflation.
Internal intelligence collection should go fulltime to the police, who with minor augmentation can operate a fully fledged intelligence service with appropriate funding.