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augment / увеличивать, прибавлять
increase, enhance, enlarge, add, magnify, augment
add, augment, intercalate, append, put on, dose
имя существительное
increase, magnification, enlargement, growth, rise, augment
increment, augmentation, accretion, augment, adhesion
addition, increase, intercalation, augment, appendage, affix
make (something) greater by adding to it; increase.
he augmented his summer income by painting houses
имя существительное
a vowel prefixed to past tenses of verbs in Greek and other Indo-European languages.
her secretarial work helped to augment her husband's income
Many augment their basic training with additional practice, on their own time and at their own expense.
This carbon dioxide will thicken the atmosphere and augment greenhouse warming.
The new link features an expanded shop, revenue from which has become vital to augmenting the budget of any gallery.
State governments also increased their participation in the economy by augmenting their control over state banks.
The company's performers come from Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, and Spain, augmenting the best of Irish dancing talent.
He suggests augmenting the menu by drying your own foods - there are several books on this topic available at local sporting goods stores.
It is an examination of the impact of technology on augmenting the intelligence of a species.
When the camera shifts to what the actors can see, the audience gets dizzy views of the surroundings, thus augmenting the overwhelming panic that fuels this film.
Initially, he saw them mainly as a way of augmenting his slender wage packet, but soon he became obsessed.