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audit / ревизия, проверка отчетности, проверка счетов
имя существительное
audit, revision, checkup, reassessment
проверка отчетности
проверка счетов
audit, revile
проверять отчетность
ревизовать отчетность
имя существительное
an official inspection of an individual's or organization's accounts, typically by an independent body.
We have an independent audit and accountants say the Duchy is being run according to all modern accounting practices.
conduct an official financial examination of (an individual's or organization's accounts).
companies must have their accounts audited
attend (a class) informally, not for academic credit.
You may be able to audit classes, attend without receiving any academic credit.
And be extra cautious if the company has never undergone an audit from an outside accounting firm.
We want to know how often an internal audit or an independent audit has been carried out.
The can also write a novel, tackle advanced math problems, go on hikes, or even audit classes in college.
We've had international institutions audit our systems.
The independent audit and inspection report for 2002 censures the council for soaring rent and council tax arrears and for poor financial control of its housing maintenance department.
In the case where a company is exempt from an audit , the accountant will still prepare the company's accounts to comply with accounting standards and statutory formats.
Having a secret ballot means that there will be no way to audit the results and we will have to trust a system that has known security weaknesses to tell us who won.
And finally, since there is no paper printout of votes, there is no way to accurately audit the system, and therefore no way to accurately reconstruct an election if it is contested.
Government authorities will be given the power to inspect and audit companies which export military-related equipment under new laws to be introduced later this year.
However, when accounting firms audit businesses that they also serve as consultants, they lose their independence.