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audio / звуковой
имя прилагательное
sound, audio, sonic, acoustic, acoustical, phonic
имя существительное
recording, audio, record, phonogram
имя существительное
sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced.
audio equipment
relating to hearing or sound.
The best approach would be to download an audio version, though you'll miss the visuals.
The software has no frame size limitations and supports unlimited audio channels.
The audio is also less than spectacular with only a few sound effects in the lineup.
audio equipment
Some key features are lacking, such as an optical zoom lens and the ability to capture video and audio .
This free software will let you burn audio CDs for use with your normal CD players in the house or car.
After all, the French government already levies an artist tax on audio and video tapes.
the machine can retrieve and play audio from a CD-ROM
It is hoped the resulting audio database will find a home and be accessible to anyone as a living memorial.
Sales of digital cameras and hard disk audio players rose, helped by the summer holiday season.