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audience / аудитория, зрители, публика
имя существительное
audience, classroom, auditorium, auditory, lecture hall, lecture room
audience, house
public, audience, turnout, house
имя существительное
the assembled spectators or listeners at a public event, such as a play, movie, concert, or meeting.
the orchestra was given an enthusiastic ovation from the audience
a formal interview with a person in authority.
he demanded an audience with the pope
formal hearing.
He did not have a right of audience in relation to the hearing on 9 September 2002.
You must remember that these stories were written for an adult audience, for a newspaper audience .
there will always be an audience for romantic literature
This is clearly a book with a western audience in mind, but there are plenty of ideas for the modern-day cook in India too.
While the obsession with risk shows little sign of abating, there is a large and diverse audience for critical voices in discussions about this trend.
What is it that makes Fox News work so well at attracting a big audience on television but not online?
Now here I am thanking him for trusting me with his huge audience of loyal readers.
The most receptive audience will probably be the employers whose faulty workplace conditions are alleged to be causing RSI.
Some political commentators contend that he would find it hard to sell himself to a conservative national audience .
That's as it should be, as the newspaper has a global audience but not global printing presses.
Pope John Paul II dedicated his weekly general audience at the Vatican to commemorate the attacks.