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audacity / смелость, наглость, дерзость
имя существительное
courage, boldness, daring, audacity, confidence, pluck
impudence, insolence, audacity, nerve, effrontery, chutzpah
audacity, insolence, impudence, boldness, impertinence, cockiness
имя существительное
the willingness to take bold risks.
her audacity came in handy during our most recent emergency
rude or disrespectful behavior; impudence.
she had the audacity to pick up the receiver and ask me to hang up
One of the bars even had the audacity to display a trading certificate in the place where the licence should have been placed.
The boy had the audacity to lie to him, straight in his face for a second time.
He had the audacity to laugh in her face, as if she was still a child.
The final play of rugby was breathtaking in its audacity .
An amazing scheme - both for it's simplicity and sheer audacity .
And it's ten times worse if somebody learns that I've got a website and has the sheer audacity to actually ask for the URL.
I think the faculty was more impressed by my adventurous spirit and audacity than my celestial beauty in that performance!
This idiot and his team of oafs had the audacity to patronize and laugh at Eugene last night.
That he had the audacity to dictate what American adults could and could not see was sickening.
I can't believe that person actually had the audacity to say something like that.