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auctioneer / аукционист
имя существительное
auctioneer, barker
продавать с аукциона
auction, sell by auction, sell at auction, auctioneer, put up, put up for auction
продавать с молотка
auction, put up for sale, auctioneer
имя существительное
a person who conducts auctions by accepting bids and declaring goods sold.
Baker had instructed auctioneers to sell certain goods.
Check what methods of payment the auctioneer will accept for the property.
The auctioneer who conducted the sale of the island, refused to comment.
The search is on for an experienced auctioneer who can help a group of amateur artists sell their work for charity.
Then, with a final stroke of his gavel, the auctioneer declared that the auction was over.
This understanding can be confirmed by the vendor and the auctioneer .
Dealers had different means of signalling their intentions to an auctioneer .
He said he had commissioned an auctioneer to estimate the value of renting these bays.
Dealing only with the auctioneer and solicitors, they had no idea who the owners of the land were.
Conducting the auction of a property, the auctioneer noticed an agent talking to his client on his mobile phone.
He runs two-day courses in auctioneering at Christie's.