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auction / аукцион, торг
имя существительное
bargain, auction, chaffer
имя прилагательное
продавать с аукциона
auction, sell by auction, sell at auction, auctioneer, put up, put up for auction
продавать с молотка
auction, put up for sale, auctioneer
имя существительное
a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder.
the books are expected to fetch a six-figure sum at tomorrow's auction
sell or offer for sale at an auction.
his collection of vintage cars is to be auctioned off tomorrow
A copy of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic has been sold at auction for almost 400,000 euros.
At the time, it was the most expensive residential property sold by public auction .
An auction sale held on Tuesday raised £750,000 for Giggleswick School.
the Ferrari sold at auction for $10 million
This was because after her death, her collection was sold at auction and only a few items remained or were bought back.
Donations for the auction and sale will be gratefully accepted.
The buying and selling of horses at auction is a peculiar practice.
Most properties are subject to a reserve price below which the auctioneer cannot sell the property at the auction .
If everyone passes a second time, three more cards are passed as before and the auction begins again.
At the beginning of each hand there is an auction to decide who will be declarer.