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aubergine / баклажан
имя существительное
eggplant, aubergine, brinjal, guinea squash
имя существительное
a dark purple color like that of eggplant.
Dark berry colours will also be very popular; plum, aubergine , dark raspberry and even chocolate colours.
‘Vogue’ has declared aubergine the colour of the season and everyone has been much relieved by the disappearance of pink.
Halve the tomatoes, again lengthways, and cut the aubergine into short, thick chunks then add them to the potatoes.
The vegetables - aubergine , pepper, mushroom and onion - were slightly spicy, and served still warm.
a puree of aubergine
Some of them are quite distinctive colours like aubergine and black and white.
For eyes, try intense pigments such as deep aubergine , navy blue, black, darkest charcoal or even copper, followed by mascara.
It will surprise no one to hear that the aubergine is my favourite vegetable.
Colour predictions included lime green, with smatterings of orange for the retro fans and for more opulent effects, aubergine , brown and maroon.
Cut the aubergine and courgettes into neat 1.5cm cubes or diamonds with skins on, for the colour.
‘I'm not wearing anything aubergine ,’ I said to him.