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attune / настраивать, делать созвучным, делать гармоничным
tune, attune, control, install, tone, dial
делать созвучным
делать гармоничным
make receptive or aware.
a society more attuned to consumerism than ideology
Go at your own pace, making small adjustments that attune to your mood, level and physical ability.
a conscious attempt to attune to the wider audience
What affects a surfer's riding is his ability to attune to these rhythms.
Typically, it is the mother who learns to read and attune to the baby, so the child has less need to develop these skills in his/her relationship with her.
He can attune to the psyches of both the writer and reader, as in his comments on Angela Carter, Arthur Miller or on Beirut Blues.
They draw us into another world, their world, to which we must attune and acclimatize ourselves.
Our cells are beginning to reorganize, restructure, and attune to the higher vibratory frequency.
But when I get in touch with another religion, and I attune to their dimension of the holy, I can bring that attunement back and enhance my connection
‘Effective managers have to be attuned to what's going on in their departments, but they are not psychotherapists,’ states Kipper.
Said Jeff, ‘… I am pretty elderly myself and I do not feel a need for a firearm especially attuned to my aging condition.’