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attribute / атрибут, признак, свойство
имя существительное
attribute, attributive, appanage, apanage, predicable
sign, feature, attribute, tag, symptom, flag
property, characteristic, feature, attribute, affinity, quality
attribute, ascribe, assign, impute, credit, attach
refer, attribute, relegate, take, take to, take back
имя существительное
a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something.
flexibility and mobility are the key attributes of our army
a piece of information that determines the properties of a field or tag in a database or a string of characters in a display.
The destination of the alias is stored in the maildrop attribute .
an attributive adjective or noun.
a real property that a statistical analysis is attempting to describe.
Nest attributes used in the statistical analyses were measured at the start of the first film.
regard something as being caused by (someone or something).
he attributed the firm's success to the efforts of the managing director
Tintoretto directs the viewer's main attention to what, to all intents and purposes, is an attribute of Saint George.
Scientists attribute this change to better living standards, particularly in regard to diet.
We fall prey to it because we continue to attribute characteristics to groups while ignoring genuine gender differences.
The key attribute , the only one that really matters, is distinctiveness.
First, you can apply the CSS inline using the style attribute on any tag.
The destination of the alias is stored in the maildrop attribute .
In fact, we often attribute characteristics to race that belong in the realm of cultural differences.
We have tended to attribute negative characteristics to the body without realizing that this results in the destructive functioning of the spirit.
Each sub-element has four mandatory attributes plus one optional attribute , as described in Table 1.
Nations tend to develop myths that attribute positive qualities to their founders and uniqueness to their political institutions.