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attraction / привлекательность, притяжение, привлечение
имя существительное
attractiveness, attraction, appeal, allure, grace, prettiness
attraction, gravity, gravitation
attraction, calling in
имя существительное
the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something.
she has romantic ideas about sexual attraction
Sligo Folk Park is the latest regional visitor and tourist attraction in the County.
Those bold moves helped to revitalise the city as a visitor attraction and shopping centre, and many other towns and cities followed suit.
Of course, while atoms interact via well defined forces of attraction and repulsion, people are seldom so straightforward.
These can express everything from sexual attraction to intellectual or physical dominance.
she has romantic ideas about sexual attraction
He had never met the man, but already he could sense his power, his attraction .
There is no physical contact or obvious sexual attraction in the bath scene.
The power of attraction will only have a chance to work though, if the other partner is open minded and willing to consider something new.
This electrostatic attraction , called an ionic bond, is much weaker than a covalent bond of shared electrons.
The attraction of political power is said to have reconciled his alienated parental family.