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attire / наряд, платье, украшение
имя существительное
attire, garb, finery, detail, livery, police
dress, gown, clothes, clothing, frock, attire
decoration, ornament, adornment, dressing, ornamentation, attire
dress, wear, clothe, tog, clad, attire
dress up, dress, trig, prank, titivate, attire
имя существительное
clothes, especially fine or formal ones.
holiday attire
be dressed in clothes of a specified kind.
Donna was attired in an elaborate evening gown
The actors are all in night attire and the stage is strewn with duvets and pillows.
Referring to his attire , Mbeki said he was dressed that way because he was going to work at some of the schools.
Such attire is indeed convenient for campaigning on the streets or elsewhere.
Elsewhere, another fashion icon was making a very different kind of statement through his choice of attire .
He was standing right there in surprisingly normal attire : a black shirt and jeans.
To each of these outings they were expected to wear formal attire including hat and gloves.
A baggy sweater is her preferred attire when she goes to meet a new man.
Her current attire consisted solely of ragged dark jeans and a faded black tank top.
Some wore clothes like hers, while others were dressed in expensive attire .
the usually sober attire of British security service personnel