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attic / чердак, мансарда, фронтон
имя существительное
attic, loft, garret, upper storey, cockloft
attic, mansard, garret, cockloft
gable, pediment, fronton, frontispiece, attic, frontal
имя прилагательное
classical, classic, straight, attic
имя существительное
a space or room just below the roof of a building.
Telli woke the next morning to the patter of rain on the roof above his attic room.
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Athens or Attica, or the dialect of Greek spoken there in ancient times.
The Persians marched across the Attic peninsula and burned Athens.
имя существительное
the dialect of Greek used by the ancient Athenians, the chief literary form of classical Greek.
The space between the attic and the rest of the house is lined with aluminium for insulation.
there are five attic bedrooms
If you need extra space then the attic upstairs could be easily converted into two more rooms.
The office was in the attic of one of those six storey buildings in South Kensington.
Within minutes the fire had spread upstairs, trapping the teenager in her attic bedroom.
Hanging the towel on a heated rail to dry, I wandered back up to the attic room, combing my hair with my fingers.
Five steep steps led to a low-ceilinged attic bathroom with permanently dim lighting.
The attic room was a lot bigger then she had imagined it to be and was set up with everything that she needed.
The agents suggest that the attic rooms could be used as play areas or a study.
Telli woke the next morning to the patter of rain on the roof above his attic room.