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attest / свидетельствовать, подтверждать, удостоверять
testify, witness, evidence, bear witness to, attest, point
confirm, reaffirm, acknowledge, affirm, support, attest
certify, verify, attest, authenticate, prove, certificate
имя существительное
показание свидетеля
testimony, attest
provide or serve as clear evidence of.
his status is attested by his recent promotion
Numerous young professional players can attest to his tireless encouragement and invaluable expertise.
As a former graduate student in sociology, I can attest to the accuracy of your claim.
No certain archaeological evidence exists to attest these invasions, and there is still much uncertainty about the route taken and places visited.
There was no shortage of character witnesses willing to attest to their integrity.
Grey's products range from around $45 - $115, and those who have been using them for years can attest to their durability.
his numerous drawings of ships attest to his fascination with them
Many highly trained professionals can attest to the irrelevance of evolutionary theory.
the witnesses must attest and sign the will in the testator's presence
As a reporter who covered the Johnson Senate, I can attest it bears little resemblance to the Daschle Senate.
Mr. Mason steps forward to attest as a witness that his sister, Bertha, is still alive.