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attendant / служитель, слуга, сопровождающее лицо
имя существительное
servant, attendant, acolyte, warden, page, scout
servant, servitor, man, manservant, valet, attendant
сопровождающее лицо
attendant, satellite
имя прилагательное
concomitant, accompanying, attendant
accompanying, attendant, concomitant
имя прилагательное
occurring with or as a result of; accompanying.
the sea and its attendant attractions
имя существительное
a person employed to provide a service to the public in a particular place.
a flight attendant
a person who is present at an event, meeting, or function.
he had become a regular attendant at chapel
For the past five years I have been a regular attendant at the Algico Primary Schools Sports and the lack of parental support has always struck me.
The Prince would produce a rapid succession of sizzling chops, steaks and sausages not only for the guests but also for the attendant staff.
Professor Fergus, the only attendant from the Caribbean, will address the conference in his role as patron.
‘Customers have come in saying there are massive queues in all the other garages,’ an attendant at the Cardiff Service Station said.
Mr. Carter had overheard the attendant woman's conversation with Katerri.
Godric had been his personal attendant since his sixteenth year and the man had been just as preoccupied about the state of Briar's appearance then as he was now.
Being an attendant lord must be the height of our ambition.
He was, on the face of it, no more than an accessory to the theatrically gifted and great, an attendant lord but never Hamlet.
Then they become single moms, with the attendant consequences for them, their children and taxpayers alike.
The borough council says maintaining the pool is too expensive, and it would have to employ a qualified attendant on site at all times.