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attempt / попытка, покушение, опыт
имя существительное
attempt, try, effort, endeavor, trial, shot
attempt, impingement
experience, experiment, practice, test, attempt, trial
try, attempt, seek, endeavor, offer, essay
try, taste, sample, prove, attempt, try on
attempt, impinge, entrench
имя существительное
an act of trying to achieve something, typically one that is unsuccessful or not certain to succeed.
an attempt to halt the bombings
make an effort to achieve or complete (something, typically a difficult task or action).
she attempted a comeback in 1989
My previous attempt at the record was a valiant attempt to drive the car while tied up by one leg.
I refuse to talk about my abortive attempt at qualifying for the Hanley Cup lest I depress myself even more.
she scored on her second attempt
There is no getting away from the fact the bill does not even attempt to resolve the difficult issues underlying and surrounding it.
It means we can never again take part in a record attempt like this.
The implication of such involvement was an attempt to deceive, a successful attempt at the big lie.
This is an attempt to overturn our elections.
This is my second attempt at a blog, I hadn't posted to my other one in ages and I wasn't too happy with it so I've scrapped it and started again.
He now says that his attempt on the world record will be put back at least a couple of months while he attempts to overcome the problem with the compressed air.
It's a good time to encounter difficult people or attempt arduous tasks.