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attainment / достижение, приобретение
имя существительное
attainment, achievement, accomplishment, progress, breakthrough, effort
acquisition, purchase, acquiring, obtaining, procurement, attainment
имя существительное
the action or fact of achieving a goal toward which one has worked.
the attainment of a complete collection is the measure of a collector’s success
The inspectors acknowledged that the high number of children in the school with special needs has had an impact on our overall standards of attainment .
As one undertakes the various tasks involved in goal attainment , it is normal to experience failure as well as success.
Then the college would have a way to assess the attainment of those goals.
While striving towards paradise has energy and direction, attainment of the goal has none.
the attainment of corporate aims
Taxable household income was strongly related to educational attainment .
So people's goal attainment is being thwarted and they lash our verbally or physically.
Information on academic attainment in every single Scottish primary school is gathered by local authorities each year, but it is kept secret.
The independent sector has a strong tradition of academic attainment and good exam results.
And she believes the impact on attainment could be impressive.