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attached / прикрепленный, приложенный, привязанный
имя прилагательное
attached, affixed
applied, attached, appositional
attached, fastened
имя прилагательное
joined or fastened to something.
please complete the attached form
full of affection or fondness.
during his visit, Mark became increasingly attached to Tara
(of a person) appointed to an organization or group for special or temporary duties.
he was attached to military intelligence
fasten; join.
he made certain that the trailer was securely attached to the van
attribute importance or value to.
he doesn't attach too much importance to radical ideas
seize (a person's property) by legal authority.
the court attached his wages for child support
Although the report was headlined as showing a ‘major explosion’ in racist sentiment, the attached documentation told a rather different story.
When he arrived at Birch Park Sorting Office in Huntington, he was given a brown envelope with a second-class stamp attached and asked to pay the 64-pence postage that was owed on the letter.
If it was my mistake for signing and not entering the gross income, what about the person who was supposed to compare the figures I entered with the figures on the attached documents?
A tall, balding man in grungy jeans and a black T-shirt came out of an attached room and grinned as he walked over to them.
A copy of these standard documents is attached as appendix B to this report.
A separate or attached shed serves as a kitchen.
Please find attached a summary of my progress thus far.
I took the attached photos when I returned the next morning.
One of the doubles has a sauna attached , which is good to know upon your return from a good day's hiking, and there's certainly no shortage of countryside around if you fancy scavenging for birch twigs.
However, no supporting documents were attached as exhibits.