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attaboy / Молодец!
Well done!, Attaboy!, A good egg!, Bully for you!
an informal expression of encouragement or admiration, typically to a man or boy.
Come on, Red, get in the house… attaboy, attaboy .
имя существительное
a piece of encouragement or congratulations, especially a letter.
our boss will write you guys an attaboy
Come on, Red, get in the house… attaboy, attaboy .
our boss will write you guys an attaboy
Expecting, if not a hero's welcome, at least an attaboy upon returning home, they were excoriated instead.
The crew deserves an attaboy because they're not as strong on paper as most of the teams they've been racing, but, even so, they've managed to outperform them.
For that to happen, you spot the good shots and hand over the attaboys , or attagirls.
This past April, he received personal attaboys from both the prime minister and the president when annual sales broke $1 billion - a record for a publicly traded tech company in India.
‘You guys didn't get any attaboys ,’ he said, ‘and the rest of us got a bunch of them.’
After getting high-fives and attaboys from US and Canadian players, Blackley, six-foot three and 190 pounds, went to the elevator.
The dog found it quickly and froze in a classic stance, posed for pictures, got more than a few pats and attaboys and never once moved until Randy tooted his whistle and picked up the bird.