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atrocity / злодеяние, зверство, злодеяния
имя существительное
crime, atrocity, malfeasance, misdeed, misdoing
atrocity, brutality
имя существительное
an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury.
war atrocities
scenes of hardship and atrocity
The effect of an atrocity of such a magnitude on the government and public should never be underestimated.
Given that war itself is an atrocity the scene you described in your article still makes a citizen sick with shame and indignation.
the house was a split-level atrocity
The father of one of the Bali bombing victims spoke yesterday of his anger at the amount of publicity being given to those arrested for the atrocity .
The entire war is an atrocity , a war crime, launched on the basis of lies.
The scale of the atrocity may actually have speeded up the collective urge to absorb the shock and get back to business.
I remember thinking that if I were blindfolded and forced to taste and identify this carbonated atrocity , I would have guessed it was antifreeze, aftershave or pond water.
Meat eaters think this is a joke but it's not funny to people who believe it's an atrocity to eat murdered animals.
And so they became a marginal but prophetic group willing to testify with their lives to the atrocity of war and coercion.