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atonement / искупление, расплата, возмещение
имя существительное
redemption, atonement, expiation, ransom, penance, satisfaction
pay, reckoning, atonement, payoff, penalty, forfeit
compensation, reimbursement, recovery, redress, indemnity, atonement
имя существительное
reparation for a wrong or injury.
she wanted to make atonement for her husband's behavior
Their chance for atonement came on Monday night when they travelled to Redlands to take on the Rovers in a rescheduled match from the washed-out Round 9.
Prayer, reading, and atonement grew into a way of life that Matt managed to keep hidden.
Their pacifist constitution is both atonement for a bloody past and a defining national characteristic.
Now they have an opportunity to underscore that atonement with a few well-placed phone calls in defense of democracy and the rule of law.
he submitted his resignation as an act of atonement
It is an epic tale of love and war and atonement , which traces one man's long journey home and the woman who waits for him.
Nashe's attitude to his fate is fatalistic, he accepts that his freedom is taken from him and the building of the wall becomes a kind of atonement .
It is but one of several theories of atonement that have popped up in the history of the Church.
Is it an act of atonement , manipulation, or self preservation?
Put simply, Christ was an innocent substitute, sacrificed to make atonement for sin.