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atone / искупить, искупать, компенсировать
atone, expiate
redeem, atone, expiate, ransom, assoil
offset, compensate, make up, recoup, indemnify, atone
make amends or reparation.
he was being helpful, to atone for his past mistakes
He will have one more chance to atone for his failure in the final of the triangular series against Sri Lanka on Tuesday.
he was being helpful, to atone for his past mistakes
This, they hold, gives the man a chance to atone for any hasty decision he might have taken.
a human sacrifice to atone for the sin
Still, an Ashes series has been lost and lost badly, something for which yesterday's win can compensate but not atone .
Eleven long years later, Langer may have a chance to atone for that miss.
His successors on Chicago's south side have a chance to atone for those sins this week.
Is it possible for that family to make amends and atone for its ill-gotten gains?
He is desperate to be given a chance to atone for the worst experience of his fledgling career.
I realized that the decency of one man atones for the indecency of millions.