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atomize / распылять, дробить
spray, pulverize, atomize, nebulize, diffuse, fritter away
fraction, crush, divide, kibble, granulate, atomize
convert (a substance) into very fine particles or droplets.
the CO 2 depressurized, atomizing the paint into a mist of even-size particles
Instead of the ancient tradition of reading the Bible as a whole, specialized critics tended to atomize the text into distinct units.
This pressure level is meant to atomize the fuel into fine particles to ensure clean combustion.
When the carburetor can emulsify and atomize the fuel mixture well, distribution to each cylinder improves.
You just want enough pressure to deliver the spray, but not atomize it to the point that it can be easily carried by the wind.
The sample, which can be liquid, solid, or gas, is usually enclosed in an absorption cell, which in turn may be enclosed in an oven to vaporize and atomize the material.
The multiple aperture injectors atomize the fuel through a disc with six to ten holes at its tip.
The narrow nozzle serves to atomize the flowing liquid - break it up into tiny drops, which form a fine spray.
Advanced diesel injection systems optimally atomize fuel, reduce the work and expense necessitated by exhaust gas after treatment and enable higher efficiency.
Most current agricultural sprayers use hydraulic nozzles to meter and atomize the liquid into drops.
In some aerosol cans, this action helps to atomize the product, forming an extremely fine spray.