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atomic / атомный
имя прилагательное
atomic, nuclear, corpuscular, atomical
имя прилагательное
of or relating to an atom or atoms.
the atomic nucleus
The team has used gases such as ethanol to prevent oxidation and atomic oxygen or hydrogen to remove contamination and provide in-situ cleaning.
Radio Bikini reminds us that as long as there are atomic weapons around the world, what happened in that out of the way atoll is just another dumb decision, probably destined to be repeated.
From a philosophical point of view, one has to ask whether modeling growth using atomic units (modules or cells) makes sense at all.
The centrality of atomic fission and fusion is giving way to the collection, processing, fusion, and dissemination of information.
The atomic fallout is still falling, a silent, ominous dust that isn't remarked upon, only suggested.
At that temperature, the gas has enough energy to excite molecular hydrogen but not atomic hydrogen.
Particles from the atomic realm such as photons, electrons or atoms are fired at the first plate, which has two vertical slits in it.
It was a dream in which man cast off his atomic individuality, as the lycanthrope surrendered to the multiplicity of the wolf pack.
It consists of atomic and molecular hydrogen, with 10 per cent of helium.
The threat of nuclear proliferation will abate as dangerous stockpiles of atomic weapons are quickly used up.