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atom / атом, мельчайшая частица
имя существительное
atom, corpuscle, corpuscule, atomy
мельчайшая частица
minim, atom, grain, iota, tittle
имя существительное
the basic unit of a chemical element.
Once removed from an atom, an electron may in turn ionize other atoms or molecules.
It is the height of hypocrisy for him to complain that Darwinism lacks causal specificity when his own theory lacks any specificity, including one atom of historical concreteness.
Since all the variety we see around us is just a product of different arrangements of a few types of atom , nanotech has been hyped as a potentially limitless miracle technology.
As can be seen, each silicon atom bonds together with four of its neighbors to form a rigid crystal structure.
The towering mushroom cloud is usually regarded as a symbol of the Nuclear Age, but in fact this phenomenon was first witnessed eighty-five years ago, before the power of the atom was recognised or released.
the power of the atom
‘Today we're just going to learn about atom splitting,’ she started off.
In simulations it is possible to calculate atom density, mass density, and electron density profiles.
Instead I just stood and stared at the sign and remembered their halcyon days when I loved them with every atom of my being.
Over the centuries, people have turned to steam, to coal, to oil, even to the atom for their energy.
I shall not have one atom of strength left