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atmospheric / атмосферный, атмосферический, метеорологический
имя прилагательное
atmospheric, atmospherical
atmospheric, meteoric, atmospherical, meteorological
meteorological, atmospheric, meteoric, atmospherical
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the atmosphere of the earth or (occasionally) another planet.
atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow, rain
creating a distinctive mood, typically of romance, mystery, or nostalgia.
atmospheric lighting
But we simply do not know how the Earth will respond to increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide.
City buildings suffer excessive weathering because of atmospheric pollution.
The main advantage of nuclear power plants is that they do not cause atmospheric pollution.
Subtle interplay with available light in the building makes the piece both evocative and atmospheric .
It's incredibly evocative, atmospheric and mournful yet never depressing.
Why should we contribute to more atmospheric pollution when it is simply not necessary?
It is a widely distributed contaminant in atmospheric environment.
Peatlands are important ecosystems with regard to atmospheric greenhouse gas composition.
Faye's Fabulous Room, like most gay bars and restaurants, was dark and atmospheric .
Nor does it use atmospheric locations to provide a sense of dread and evil.