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athwart / перпендикулярно, поперек, наискось
athwart, sheer
across, transversely, athwart, aslant, broadwise, breadthways
aslant, athwart
across, athwart, aslant
through, via, in, across, over, athwart
notwithstanding, despite of, in the face of, in despite of, in contempt of, athwart
across from side to side; transversely.
one table running athwart was all the room would hold
so as to be perverse or contradictory.
our words ran athwart and we ended up at cross purposes
from side to side of; across.
a long counter thrown athwart the entranceway
in opposition to; counter to.
these statistics run sharply athwart conventional presumptions
The solar flares and the corona of the sun danced athwart the planet's silhouette.
Appleby, the county town, suffered greatly from Scottish raids, since it was athwart an easy line of advance across Stainmore towards Durham and York.
It pretends to be pro-gay but stands athwart the path to full equality and social acceptance, crying, ‘No, no, don't go there’.
That was part of the necessary pattern, as was that he would stand athwart her when that time arrived.
Together they stood athwart any measure that smacked of political centralization.
‘We're so happy this restaurant is here,’ confided another matriarch when I inquired about the twisty little phyllo-pastry purse athwart her salad of Asian pear and gleaming field greens.
a counter was placed athwart the entrance
At a time when America's elites said that the United States was in an irreversible decline, and the rest of us should just get used to it, Ronald Reagan stood athwart what was then considered the tide of history and said: ‘No.’
While Matsya lay athwart the route from the northern lands to the ports on the western coast, it was not a place of great enterprise.
But to place that tribute athwart the vista of the mall would be the act of a country that no longer understands its own history.