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athens / Афины
имя существительное
имя существительное
the capital of Greece, in the southern part of the country; population 745,500 (est. 2009). A flourishing city state in ancient Greece, it was an important cultural center in the 5th century bc . It came under Roman rule in 146 bc and fell to the Goths in ad 267. After its capture by the Turks in 1456, Athens declined to the status of a village until chosen as the capital of a newly independent Greece in 1834.
a city in northeastern Georgia, the seat of the University of Georgia; since a 1991 merger, is part of Athens–Clarke County; consolidated population 113,398 (est. 2008).
a city in southeastern Ohio, the seat of Ohio University; population 22,088 (est. 2008).
They like to refer to the Parthenon as the symbol of Athenian democracy.
And meanwhile, Athenians are on record for being the most optimistic city dwellers in Europe.
The playwrights modified the classical stories of the gods to represent modern Athenian views.
Admittedly, Tory conferences of yesteryear were never models of Athenian democracy.
The Athenians developed a list of a dozen rules of engagement, one of which forbade the execution of captives.
For the ancient Athenians , Marathon was a great victory which revealed the vulnerability of the dreaded Persian empire.