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atelier / ателье, студия
имя существительное
studio, atelier, parlor, parlour
studio, atelier
имя существительное
a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.
For the work of those artists within the imperial ateliers was subject to close examination by the emperor himself.
Contemporary artists such as Julie Rrap have also commissioned Chris and his atelier of artisans to bring their projects to life.
Nikolay has had his atelier together with a former fellow student for about 10 years.
The collection is, in every way, a classic offering from the atelier of fashion designer Stella McCartney.
These drawings, first noticed in 1957 inspired the Countess Berletti to establish an atelier of free expression, which she totally funded until sometime after Carlo's death.
It also links these works to artists trained in a state-supported atelier in the capital, or to the workshops themselves.
He paints and draws only what lies in his normal field of vision: his wife, his daughters, his friends, what he sees outside the window or inside the atelier , what he reads and wears and eats.
We sit in a little office-like room in his atelier .
In New York, you can walk into a store and they'll have their atelier in the back where they're actually making stuff.
A publicist for one Hollywood eveningwear company says that this particular stylist comes to their atelier before the Oscars and borrows the entire collection.
The fact that Shah Jahan directly oversaw the art production of the Mughal atelier , put his artists under strict imperial control.