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at-risk / рискованно
под угрозой
under threat, in danger, under risk
с риском
with risk, with increased risk, on risk
подвергающийся риску
подвергаться риску
имя прилагательное
vulnerable, especially to abuse or delinquency.
a church-run school for the most at-risk children
The proceeds will benefit various charities that serve at-risk youth and underprivileged families.
Eighty-five percent of at-risk American farms are on the fringes of urban areas.
Genetic testing might allow some at-risk patients to reduce their risk of cancer.
These results are crucial to early identification and intervention of dyslexia in at-risk children.
The goal was to develop and implement a program for at-risk students.
He wants to change the lives of hundreds of at-risk and incarcerated teenaged boys and girls.
Many of those programs pay particular attention to helping academically at-risk students.
Thus, this may be a treatment issue that warrants further investigation in work with at-risk families.
The program recognizes the link between undereducated adults and educationally at-risk children.
By every measure, prisoners' children are the most severely at-risk children and youth in America.