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at-home / прием гостей, вечер
имя существительное
прием гостей
party, setout, do, at-home
evening, night, soiree, eve, even, at-home
имя прилагательное
occurring in or suited to one's home.
at-home athletic equipment
имя существительное
an informal party in a person's home.
For at-home parties, sleepovers can be popular at this age - but keep guests to a manageable number.
Plans are already underway to have an at-home outdoor garden celebration in September.
My wife has also bought a rather expensive set of aromatic pink candles, which, according to my daughter, will make our at-home dinner more romantic.
They have an online store and offer educational workshops and at-home toy parties.
Bert and Elfrida celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Saturday, with an at-home party for their family.