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asynchronous / асинхронный, не совпадающий по времени
имя прилагательное
не совпадающий по времени
имя прилагательное
of or requiring a form of computer control timing protocol in which a specific operation begins upon receipt of an indication (signal) that the preceding operation has been completed.
To achieve this fine-grained control, detailed, real-time, asynchronous messages are sent back and forth between the application and media servers.
not going at the same rate and exactly together with something else, in particular.
The ability to track asynchronous time evolution of individual biological molecules provides unique insight into detailed reaction kinetics and pathways.
(of two or more objects or events) not existing or happening at the same time.
It's like having an extended asynchronous conversation and being able to save what were once stray thoughts.
Collaborative learning was achieved through synchronous as well as asynchronous interactive chats.
It is not commonly known that, luckily for the U.S. economy, the 1990s was a period dominated by asynchronous global recessions, when key economies took turns going into recession.
The upgraded system provides high-speed digital microwave radios, asynchronous transfer mode bandwidth management, and a new network management system.
Although there is slapstick in the film, the best of its humor is either verbal or caused by an imaginative disparity between the image and the asynchronous soundtrack.
This enables a high-data throughput between the synchronous circuit and the asynchronous circuit independently of a clock frequency of the synchronous circuit.
Classes within this environment will primarily be offered in a collaborative, asynchronous mode.
The asynchronous commentary announces the specific text that Amélie is reading.
Although the construction of asynchronous motors is simple and their equivalent circuits and operations are well understood, it is still considered the most difficult topic to learn and teach.
This would create an asynchronous beat, which would drive the crowd crazy.
Second, an asynchronous engine is definitely more complex than existing sequential engines.