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asymmetry / асимметрия, асимметричность, нарушение симметрии
имя существительное
asymmetry, skewness, dissymmetry
нарушение симметрии
имя существительное
lack of equality or equivalence between parts or aspects of something; lack of symmetry.
And when we choose asymmetry it is usually because we recognise the effect that the absence of symmetry produces.
The asymmetry between the amounts of matter and antimatter in the universe remains unexplained.
To see an obvious example of asymmetry , just look at your hands.
Waging war against the terrorists breaks this asymmetry and is the correct response to defeat terror.
However, there is an incredible information asymmetry in these kinds of proceedings.
If they don't have a reliable network to use, the information asymmetry is huge.
Why must the price of peace be paid symmetrically, when only asymmetry exists in the causes of war?
Whether asymmetry threatens the development of a democratic federal system is open to debate.
One important source of asymmetry in fighting ability is a difference in body or weapon size.
There's an ever so slight asymmetry of information though.
One other thing hits the eye, in addition to this maddening asymmetry .