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astride / верхом, расставив ноги
horseback, on horseback, astride, astraddle, ahorse
расставив ноги
верхом на
with a leg on each side of.
he was sitting astride the bike
With access to the sea and sitting astride the main north-south roads running from Boston to Portsmouth, Ipswich was not isolated from political events.
Minor injuries around the trunk of the deceased suggested that if he was on the ground before his death someone might have been sitting astride his chest.
There were marks on Robert's body, indicating the trunk had been compressed by an arm or arms, or possibly by someone sitting astride him on the ground, the court heard.
I found a beautiful little city, its medieval spires sitting astride the River Limmat and its face turned to the crystalline waters of Zurichsee, a lake so clean its water has been certified safe to drink.
The town stands astride the A4, formerly called the Great West Road, that connected London, Bath and Bristol.
At its head was General Daemon sitting astride his horse.
why do people build their dream homes astride some seismic fault?
he sat on the chair astride
The town sits astride a major fault that is well exposed west and east of the town and forms an obvious east-trending lineament on the satellite imagery.
He showed photographs of captured Angolan government weapons and of himself sitting astride the wreckage of a crashed Russian military aircraft.