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astray / заблудиться
astray, stray, go astray, lose, wander, lose oneself
имя прилагательное
astray, stray, strayed, bushed
away from the correct path or direction.
we went astray but a man redirected us
into error or morally questionable behavior.
he was led astray by boozy colleagues
He was wearing red plaid boxers and his hair was astray .
The child could accurately be described as cute: her large, smiling green eyes dotted with hazel specks and golden hair that flew astray as she danced in the sunlight.
A couple delayed their wedding when bad directions led the groom's parents astray .
The study team suspect the bird evolved into a separate island race having been blown astray and marooned on Wangi Wangi, part of the Tukangbesi archipelago.
Hiding behind the hackneyed theme of a ruler being led astray by evil advisers, Becket could have been in no doubt that the scheme had been orchestrated by Henry.
But equally never were there so many dangers, so many attractions that could lead young people astray .
The Thomians, however, had plenty of chances of surging through to a lead but due to some silly mistakes and penalties being kicked astray , they lost that opportunity.
Melodramatic, we aimed at looks we didn't quite achieve: our hair a bit astray , our hems a bit uneven.
They are easily led astray by persuasive talkers, advertisers, and politicians because they have not developed the skills necessary to analyse and judge their arguments.
Artificial lights are leading some migratory birds to go astray .