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astonishment / удивление, изумление
имя существительное
surprise, wonder, astonishment, amazement, wonderment, amaze
amazement, astonishment, wonder, daze, bewilderment, wonderment
имя существительное
great surprise.
she looked at him in astonishment
I tried to contain my anger and astonishment , but apparently Isabelle didn't.
Friends and colleagues expressed astonishment last night as the news broke.
To my astonishment , the moment we start talking, we hit it off instantly.
The look on his face as he saw Missy at the door was both of astonishment and embarrassment.
His widow yesterday told of her astonishment at discovering her husband's debts after his death.
She gasped in astonishment , frozen in place by the shock of his words and his actions.
she looked at him in astonishment
I wonder if I'll ever get over this sense of astonishment that hits me every now and then.
He gave a small bow and then, to Faith's astonishment , he gave her a small smile.
She wrote a couple of short stories and, to her astonishment , was published.