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astonish / удивлять, изумлять
surprise, amaze, astonish, knock out, daze
astonish, amaze, astound, daze, stupefy, flabbergast
surprise or impress (someone) greatly.
you never fail to astonish me
you never fail to astonish me
you never fail to astonish me
It came as no surprise to me, and probably will not astonish anyone else, that today I felt the after-effects of yesterday's long drive to and from Nottingham.
It has never failed to astonish me how we pale-faced Scots continue to swallow the propaganda that down here in deepest England the weather is somehow better.
What astonishes the contemporary reader is that a genuine, independent intellectual like Galbraith was permitted to serve in government, let alone become the confidant of presidents.
It astonishes me how easily and often we're dismissed as racists, particularly in intellectual circles.
The atmosphere of the cocktail circuit has changed recently, and it astonishes me.
Next day I was astonished to see Jackson coming out of the George Hotel.
It is astonishing to see the notebook that Darwin had in his pocket as he walked around the Galapagos.
I am astonished there is anything left of the structure given the stresses it must by under.